Vrboska & Island of Hvar

Welcome to the Charming Village of Vrboska

Villa Triptih is nestled in a quiet cul-de-sac of the picturesque Dalmatian village of Vrboska.  Located in a fjord on the north coast of the island of Hvar, this medieval fishing village is sheltered by pine forest and located close to some of the oldest vineyards in the world. To arrive in Vrboska, you must come by ferry or by yacht—or alternately by seaplane.  The ferry ride from Split takes around two hours, while the ride from Rijeka in Istria is overnight.

Vrboska was founded in the 15th century.  Historically, it served as a fishing harbour, a function it continues to fill today.  In town, you will find a museum where you can learn how the town has thrived over the centuries while still retaining its historic character.  

Vrboska also serves as the birthplace for several famous people.  The first is Gary Gabelic, who was once the fastest man in the world.  On October 28,1970, he rode a rocket powered car called “Blue Flame” to shatter the land speed record at that time.

A famous innovator born in 1858 on Hvar was Ivan Vucetic.  He was the first to discover that fingerprints are unique and unrepeatable, and pioneered the original method for recording individual fingerprints on file.

Vrboska was also where revolutionary leader Majita Ivanic was born in 1445.  Ivanic led the famous Hvar Rebellion in 1510-1514 against the Venetian Republic.  This makes Vrboska a birthplace of Croatian freedom and national identity.

Explore the Island of Hvar

With 2,700 hours of sunshine every year, Hvar is one of the warmest islands along the Croatian coastline.  That means that it boasts balmy summers and mild winters.  This makes it a prime destination at any time of year, one which is ever-abundant with colourful vegetation: orange mandarin trees, silver olive groves, lemon yellow broom bushes, evergreen pine forests, palm trees, lemon trees, figs, carobs, cypresses, and grape-vines.

Hvar is an island which appeals to all the senses, which immerses you in a Mediterranean atmosphere like no other.  Spices like thyme, rosemary, sage and purple lavender linger in the air, a fragrance which draws you close to nature. 

The sea here is as clear as crystal with azure waves lapping against sun-kissed shores.  No wonder that Hvar was selected as one of the 10 most beautiful islands in the world by Traveller magazine in 2006.

Hvar’s magnetic draw has made the island a favourite hideaway for many celebrities—Beyonce, John Malkovich, Tom Cruise, Flavio Briatore and Bernie Ecclestone, to name just a few.

Still, even with its growing popularity, Hvar has managed to hold fast to its traditions and its tranquillity.  On the scenic streets of Vrboska, little has changed since the middle ages, and life continues much the way it always has.  And at Villa Triptih, you can enjoy the utmost in privacy and comfort as you immerse yourself in this Adriatic paradise.

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