Location: Southwest

Room name: Maestral, master bedroom

Description: Immerse yourself in the height of Croatian luxury in the villa’s Maestral (master) bedroom.  This roomy suite combines the bedroom and bathroom in one open design, complete with beautifully textured walls, a freestanding luxury tub, a spacious shower, two wash basins, and a toilet equipped with a heated bidet.

The double boxspring bed measures 200×180 cm, offering you plenty of space to sprawl about and relax when you return from exploring town or taking a walk on the beach.  Two wall closets provide you with all the room you need to store your wardrobe during your stay. 

Like all rooms in Villa Triptih, the Maestral suite includes heat and air conditioning.  There are two French balconies along with one full-size balcony.  Tall glass doors let in sunshine and offer a commanding view of the villa’s enchanting surroundings.


Location: Southeast

Room name: Scirocco

Description: Scirocco is the villa’s second master bedroom, only a fraction less luxurious than the opulent Maestral. 

While Scirocco lacks the freestanding tub found in the Maestral, it includes a bidet, large shower, and two wash basins.

The double box spring bed provides you with 200×180 cm of comfortable space in which to relax.  From your bed, you may enjoy a sea view through the glass doors flanking your private balcony.  There is also a comfortable couch which can double as an extra bed if needed.

As with Villa Triptih’s other rooms, this deluxe bedroom features air conditioning and heating.


Location: Northwest

Room name: Tramontana

Description: This is the smallest and most minimalist of the three Villa Triptih suites, but it is no less luxurious in its modesty.  The double boxspring bet measures 200×160, and the large terrace offers you a view of the sea. 

A sizable wardrobe in the corner and a separate en-suite bathroom with a glass shower, a washbasin and a toilet make this your home away from home.  Air conditioning and heat ensure your comfort at any time of year.


Location: Northwest, Ground floor

Room name: Bura

Description: On the ground floor of Villa Triptih, you will find Bura, a charming room featuring two separate single beds—perfect for families with children, or friends who would like to stay in the same room.  Each cozy bed measures 200×90 cm.


Location: Northwest, Ground floor

Room name: Bura

Description: Bura features 1 wardrobe.  Down the hall, there is a convenient bathroom with a glass shower, toilet and washbasin.

Even though Bura is located on the ground floor and has no balconies, it does feature a spacious window offering a lovely view of the Adriatic.

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